Fine & Decorative Art in France  


This unique publication reproduces material from the historic and documentary photographic records of the French State Archives. Begun in 1851, the Archive is one of the largest of its kind, and includes many photographs of works of art destroyed or lost in the two world wars. Its aim has been to record the principal works of art in French collections, public and private, and also major works from foreign sources exhibited in France. The coverage is extensive, illustrating over 70,000 items from over 200 museums and galleries. Published in nine sections.

PAINTINGS IN THE LOUVRE and National Museums, together with public and private modern art collections in Paris. Over 9,000 reproductions. 154 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-55-8 $1,385

PAINTINGS IN PROVINCIAL and other museums. 8,500 reproductions. 143 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-60-4 $1,285

DRAWINGS IN THE LOUVRE and National Museums. Over 7,500 reproductions. 128 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-65-5 $1,150

DRAWINGS IN PROVINCIAL and other museums. Over 7,500 reproductions. 126 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-70-1 $1,135

DECORATIVE ART: Important items from the Louvre, Musée Cluny and the oriental collections from the Musée Guimet are included, among many others. Over 2,000 tapestries and many illustrations of the Decorative Art Exhibitions of 1900 and 1925. Over 9,000 reproductions. 153 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-75-2 $1,375


SCULPTURE: including the Musée Rodin and important collections of ivories and bronzes in the Louvre, together with stained glass. 6,000 reproductions. 100 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-80-9 $900

ANTIQUITIES: Included are large collections from the Louvre of early French, Oriental, Greek, Roman and Egyptian objects, together with a unique series of illustrations from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Over 5,500 reproductions. 98 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-85-X $880

MANUSCRIPTS: Illuminated and other MSS from National and Provincial Libraries and Museums. Over 3,500 reproductions. 60 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-90-6 $540

INDEXES: Printed indexes to artists and sculptors are supplied with orders for the Fine Art collections. A uniquely comprehensive Subject Index to the works of Fine Art, Sculpture and Decorative Arts is also published on fiche. This covers names of persons, places and historical events as well as iconographic references, enabling art historians, picture researchers and others to quickly locate particular works on the fiche. 59 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-95-7 $530

  Special price for the complete collection: $7,800
ISBN 0-907006-01-9
    The Royal Collection of Paintings and Watercolours  
    The Royal Library at Windsor Castle contains one of the world's finest collections of Old Master Drawings, including the largest group of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. The most important have been catalogued in a series of publications by the Phaidon Press over the past forty five years, but very few of the drawings were illustrated in these volumes. The micropublication reproduces every work in each catalogue, and each is available separately. The drawings are filmed in catalogue order, and each microfilm should be used together with the appropriate catalogue. .  


ISBN 0-907006-06-X $320
ISBN 0-907006-11-6 $160
ISBN 0-907006-16-7 $160
ISBN 0-907006-21-3 $160
ISBN 0-907006-26-4 $640
ISBN 0-907006-31-0 $480
ISBN 0-907006-36-1 $800
ISBN 0-907006-41-8 $320
ISBN 0-907006-46-9 $320


ISBN 0-907006-51-5 $320
ISBN 0-907006-56-6 $160
ISBN 0-907006-61-2 $160
ISBN 0-907006-66-3 $320
ISBN 0-907006-71-X $160
ISBN 0-907006-76-0 $320
ISBN 0-907006-81-7 $320
ISBN 0-907006-86-8 $160

  Special price for the complete collection, on 32 reels: $4,300
ISBN 0-907006-91-4
    Titles on colour microfiche  
  Master drawings    

MASTER DRAWINGS: 149 drawings, from Leonardo to the present day, including


Carracci, Guercino, Bernini, Sargent and Augustus John. 316 colour images, including details.

  8 colour microfiche: $400 ISBN 0-907716-41-5
  Leonardo drawings    

NATURE STUDIES: 57 drawings, 80 details, 10 infra-red images. Index. 4 colour microfiche.
ISBN 0-907716-01-6 $200

ANATOMICAL DRAWINGS: 84 drawings, 224 details, 14 black and white images including 7 in ultra-violet. Index. 8 colour, 1 b.& w. microfiche.
ISBN 0-907716-02-4 $410


HORSES & OTHER ANIMALS: 117 drawings, 115 details. Index. 6 colour microfiche.
ISBN 0-907716-14-8 $300


  Special price for the three titles, in binder: $775
ISBN 1-900853-11-6
    The Victoria & Albert Museum Collection  
    The V.& A. contains one of the world's outstanding collections of fine and applied art, dating from early mediaeval times to the present day, principally from Europe and the Near and Far East. The most important items, numbering many thousands, have been photographed over the past 100 years, and these are now published in two microfiche series: Decorative Art, and Fine Art and Design.  
  Decorative Art in the V & A  


This series reproduces the principal items of applied and decorative art in the museum, illustrating over 45,000 objects, many with detail photographs, from five Departmental collections. The material is sorted by object type, then in chronological order by country.

METALWORK: The collection illustrates the artistic uses of metals, precious and non-precious. Included are church plate, domestic items, watches, clocks, arms and armour. Over 8,000 reproductions. 138 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-05-1 $1,240

TEXTILES: Many examples of most periods and textile techniques are included: tapestries, silks, printed and woven fabrics, carpets, costumes and accessories. Almost 10,000 reproductions. 166 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-10-8 $1,495


CERAMICS: Including pottery, porcelain and glass. The oriental collection is one of the finest in the world, as is the Italian maiolica and English pottery and porcelain. Over 14,000 reproductions. 237 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-15-9 $2,133

FURNITURE & WOODWORK: The Department covers the history of interior decoration and moveable furniture. As well as comprehensive collections of English furniture there is a superlative collection of 18th.C French pieces, and Italian and French 16th.C furniture. Over 6,500 reproductions. 110 microfiche. ISBN 0-907006-20-5 $990

ARCHITECTURE & SCULPTURE: This Department includes the National Collection of post-classical sculpture, as well as a large series of mediaeval ivories and bronzes. There is also an important selection of architectural details. Over 9,000 reproductions. 152 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-25-6 $1,370

  Special price for the complete collection: $6,150 ISBN 0-907006-30-2
  Fine Art & Design in the V & A    

This series reproduces paintings, drawings, engravings, prints, designs and photographs, very few of which are on display in the museum. The collection includes material from the 15th. to the 20th.C, and covers the history of fine art, decoration and design. Grouped by medium, in artist order.

FINE ART: This section reproduces over 1,600 paintings, over 5,000 watercolours and almost 4,000 drawings, including many important Old Master drawings. Printed Index to Artists. Over 9,000 reproductions. 152 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-35-3 $1,370


GRAPHIC ART: 1,400 miniatures from the National Collection of British Portrait Miniatures are included, together with illuminated MSS, almost 3,000 engravings, posters, prints and an important series of over 1,000 early photographs. Printed Index. Almost 10,000 reproductions. 165 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-40-X $1,485

DESIGN: This section reproduces both original drawings and engraved designs for buildings, monuments, furniture and items of decorative art. Wallpaper designs are included, and a large series of fashion plates and theatrical costumes, views and designs. Printed Index. Over 10,000 reproductions. 172 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-45-0 $1,550

  Special price for the complete set: $3,750
ISBN 0-907006-50-7
  The National Collection of Watercolours    

Reproduced in colour, the Collection numbers over 6,500 works by 1,600 artists and spans the period 1580-1980; many of the artists are very well known: William Blake, J.M.W. Turner, John Constable,


Thomas Girtin, Edward Burne-Jones, Wyndham Lewis, Paul Nash - but there are exquisite works by little known artists. Index.
ISBN 0-907716-00-8

  80 colour, 2 monochrome microfiche. $3,180