Sotheby's Pictorial Archive  


An immense but compact picture library, reproducing almost 250,000 works by over 30,000 artists: the microfiche of the departmental photographic files of Sotheby's in London's Bond Street represent a uniquely comprehensive visual archive. While many are well known works, possibly the greatest value of the archive is the much larger coverage of lesser but still important works, mostly from private collections and now dispersed around the world.
The images include the usual auction details, including date of sale and price realized (or BI), and represent a hitherto unpublished record of 40 years of art sales, held in many countries. The images are in artist order, making it simple to locate particular works, and are available by school.

OLD MASTER PAINTINGS: Over 45,000 reproductions, 5,500 artists. 464 microfiche.
ISBN 1-900853-75-2 $4,175


19th.C EUROPEAN PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS: Over 50,000 reproductions, 8,500 artists.
ISBN 1-900853-80-9 $4,770

BRITISH PAINTINGS 1500 TO 1850: Over 20,000 reproductions, 2,000 artists. 235 microfiche.
ISBN 1-900853-85-X $2,115

Over 20,000 reproductions, 2,000 artists. 217 microfiche.
ISBN 1-900853-90-6 $1,950

VICTORIAN PAINTINGS WATERCOLOURS & DRAWINGS: (Including Topographical, Marine and Scottish pictures) 73,000 reproductions, 7,500 artists. ISBN 1-900853-95-7 $6,720

MODERN BRITISH PAINTINGS DRAWINGS & SCULPTURE: Over 20,000 reproductions, 2,000 artists. 213 microfiche.
ISBN 1-900853-01-9 $1,920

  Special price for the set of six collections: $18,400
ISBN 1-900853-06-X
    Christie's Pictorial Archive  
    A pictorial encyclopaedia of fine and decorative art: the departmental photographic reference files from this leading art auctioneer's London offices record 70,000 items sold from Edwardian days to the 1970's. Reproductions have descriptive captions, many with full catalogue entry and bibliography, and Christie's Stock No. In nine sections, available separately.  
  Painting & Graphic Art    

Over 5,000 artists are represented, with 30,000 reproductions of their work. In artist order, making searches easy. Printed index.

DUTCH & FLEMISH SCHOOL: Over 1,300 artists, over 7,000 reproductions. 119 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-96-5 $1,070

BRITISH SCHOOL: Over 1,500 artists, over 10,000 reproductions. 170 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-02-7 $1,530


ITALIAN SCHOOL: Over 1,200 artists, over 6,000 reproductions. 101 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-07-8 $910

OTHER SCHOOLS & GRAPHIC ARTS: Including European and North American Schools. Also Old Master and other prints, Book Plates and MSS. 6,000 reproductions. 108 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-12-4 $970

  Special price for the complete Painting and Graphic Art: $3,800 ISBN 0-907006-17-5
  Decorative & Applied Art    

Items are grouped by object type, by country and in chronological sequence.

FURNITURE: Including Ormolu and musical instruments. 9,500 reproductions. 165 microfiche. ISBN 0-907006-22-1 $1,485

SILVER: Including Objects of Virtù, Fabergé and jewellery. 7,500 reproductions. 127 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-27-2 $1,145

CERAMICS: English and Continental items, glass and Art Nouveau. 6,500 reproductions. 110 microfiche. ISBN 0-907006-32-9 $990


ORIENTAL: Over 2,500 items of Chinese porcelain; also Japanese arms and lacquer, Islamic rugs and MSS. 8,000 reproductions. 137 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-37-X $1,235

GENERAL DECORATIVE & APPLIED ART: Including sculpture, arms and armour, clocks, antiquities, tribal art, tapestries and icons. Over 15,000 reproductions. 171 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-42-6 $1,540

  Special price for the complete Decorative & Applied Art section: $5,440 ISBN 0-907006-47-7
  Special price for the complete set of Christie's Pictorial Archive: $8,770 ISBN 0-907006-52-3
  Christie's Impressionist & Modern Art    

This supplement to Christie's Pictorial Archive includes London sales through the 1983 season; British and Foreign works, including sculpture. Captions include sale date and price details. Over 9,000 reproductions



  158 microfiche: $1,420 ISBN 0-907006-57-4
  Christie's Pictorial Archive New York    

Reproducing over 35,000 works sold from 1977 through the 1985 season. In artist order, with captions including prices and sale date.

Almost 7,500 pictures, drawings and sculpture including Latin American works. 124 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-67-1 $1,115

OLD MASTER PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS: Over 7,000 reproductions. 116 microfiche. ISBN 0-907006-72-8 $1,045

19th.C PAINTINGS: Almost 8,000 reproductions. 131 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-77-9 $1,180


IMPRESSIONIST & MODERN Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture: Christie's NY has led the world in this field; 7,300 reproductions. 122 microfiche. ISBN 0-907006-82-5 $1,100

CONTEMPORARY Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture: extensive coverage of post war and living artists. 3,600 reproductions. 61 microfiche. ISBN 0-907006-87-6 $550

AMERICAN DECORATIVE ART: Over 2,600 illustrations. 45 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-62-0 $405

  Special price for the complete collection: $4,590
ISBN 0-907006-92-2
  Christie's Pictorial Sales Review    

An update of Christie's Pictorial Archive, reproducing the illustrations in every fine art catalogue for U.K. and overseas sales from 1980-85. In artist sequence, with full catalogue details, price and sale date.

ENGLISH & VICTORIAN PICTURES Drawings and Watercolours: 13,000 images. 117 fiche.
ISBN 0-907006-97-3 $1,055

OLD MASTER, CONTINENTAL & 19th.C PICTURES: 10,000 illustrations. 95 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-03-5 $855


OLD MASTER & CONTINENTAL DRAWINGS, Watercolours and Prints. 12,000 images. 71 fiche. ISBN 0-907006-08-6 $650

IMPRESSIONIST, MODERN &Contemporary Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture and Modern Prints. 6,000 images. 58 fiche.
ISBN 0-907006-13-2 $525

  Special price for the complete set: $2,610
ISBN 0-907006-18-3