London College of Fashion Designer Files    

A comprehensive pictorial reference to contemporary and recent fashion, reproducing over 18,000 pages of designs - for men as well as women - from current fashion publications in Europe and the U.S. including all editions of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and leading French trade journals for the period 1965-1990.


In alphabetical order by
designer, with over 250 designers from Accento to Zoran.
309 microfiche.

  309 microfiche. $2,780 ISBN 0-907006-93-0
  The House of Worth Fashion Designs: 1899-1929    

The Worth fashion house, founded in Paris in 1858, was the precursor of the ready-to-wear industry, establishing fashion as big business rather than exclusive haute couture. Their designs from the 1890's to the late 1920's influenced a whole world of fashion, and their own documentation of these (using mirrors to show both the front and back of each garment) is reproduced on the microfiche. Garments are shown by type, in chronological order.


  150 microfiche. $1,350 ISBN 0-907006-98-1
  British Vogue: 1916-1939    

British Vogue quickly became the definitive chronicle of fashion and taste, reporting extensively on Paris fashions but also much concerned with the social scene. Today, early Vogue is as much of interest for its comments (articles were often by noted authors) on the people, plays, decoration, manners and attitudes of Europe of the time as for its fashion coverage. The microfiche edition includes all the advertising pages and Vogue Pattern Books. Available in four sections:

    1916-1923: 175 issues, 366 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-04-3 $3,295

1924-1929: 152 issues, 316 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-09-4 $2,845

1930-1934: 162 issues, 332 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-14-0 $2,990

1935-1939: 170 issues, 368 microfiche.
ISBN 0-907006-19-1 $3,310
  Special price for the complete set: $10,580
ISBN 0-907006-24-8
  Costume prints in the British Museum    

A pictorial reference of costume prints kept as 'Authorities for Artists' in the Department of Prints & Drawings. Filmed in chronological sequence by country (mainly European, but including Asian and 'savage' costumes) and grouped by type (such as ecclesiastical, military) or class of person, the illustrations represent a comprehensive review of both male and female fashion from 55BC to 1900. Over 8,500 reproductions.


  145 microfiche. $1,305 ISBN 0-907006-29-9
  Liberty's catalogues: Fashion, Design, Furnishings 1884-1949    

From its very beginnings in 1875, Liberty's London store was a leader in the world of furnishings and fashion. Early experiments in textiles became an influential element in the Aesthetic Movement, inspired by William Morris and the work of the Pre-Raphaelites. The influence of Liberty's extended far beyond its London location, due in part to the excellence and diversity of its mail-order catalogues.

    This micropublication reproduces the collection of Liberty's catalogues dating from 1884-1949 in the Victoria & Albert Museum. They cover all aspects of fashion and furnishings over this period, including hats, dresses, underwear, and gifts, furniture, silver and jewellery. They represent a remarkable document of the development of style and taste. Over 10,000 pages.      
  142 microfiche. $1,280 ISBN 0-907006-34-5