British archives of the International Brigade to Spain    

Much of the documentation relating to the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 was suppressed following the Falangist victory. This archive, preserved in the Marx Memorial Library in London, fills an important gap, with a remarkably comprehensive and fully indexed collection of pamphlets, correspondence, press cuttings, journals, photographs and ephemera. Over 23,000 pages. Guide on fiche.



  390 microfiche. $3,510 ISBN 0-907006-79-5
  The Index on Censorship    

Founded by a group of scholars and writers in 1972, the journal publishes extracts of works banned by governments and gives detailed reports about individual writers or about threats to freedom of speech wherever they occur. The microfiche cover the 63 editions from 1972-84.



  93 microfiche. $650 ISBN 0-907716-20-2
  The Tamworth Court Rolls    

Dating from 1284 these rolls provide a unique and comprehensive documentation of a mediaeval manorial court, developing by the 15th.C into a full record of the deeds of a self-governing community. They report the daily lives of the inhabitants, from accusations of the sale of putrid goods to wrangles over land ownership.


The entirety of the records means that the student needs access to no other resource to study the subject. Printed index.

  80 colour microfiche. $4,100 ISBN 0-907716-50-4
  Richard Cobden papers    

Cobden (1804-65) was a radical Member of Parliament and an influential figure in liberal politics and economics of his time. The collection of his papers at the West Sussex Record Office includes letters, diaries, speeches, journals and pamphlets by Cobden, as well as other papers relating to his life, works and ideas. Printed catalogue.



  663 microfiche. $5,970 ISBN 0-907716-48-2
  The National Archaeological Museum, Naples    

Comprehensive pictorial documentation on the world's finest collection of objects from Classical antiquity has never been published before. Renowned for its coverage in depth, particularly of everyday objects, over 20,000 items from this remarkable museum, housing the Farnese collection from Rome and discoveries from Pompeii and Herculaneum, are now reproduced. Grouped by category (bronzes, ivories, ceramics, frescoes, sculpture, mosaics etc.), photographs have museum data, brief description and dimensions.



  398 microfiche. $3,580 ISBN 0-907006-59-0