Index to the Burlington Magazine    

This renowned journal of art scholarship has been published monthly since 1903. Cumulated indexes, long out of print, were published in 1963 and 1972.


These are now re-issued on microfiche making the wealth of material in the issues published between 1903 and 1972 readily accessible. Articles are indexed by title, author and key topic.

  21 microfiche. $190 ISBN 1-900853-55-8
  Courtauld Institute of Art Periodicals Subject Index    

Over a period of more than 40 years, the Courtauld Institute in London meticulously kept a card-index file, with brief abstract, of articles published in almost 200 art periodicals. The file was begun in the 1930's, long before the appearance of abstracting services such as Art Index or RILA, and extended up to 1983.


The subject index provides a unique and comprehensive means of access to a rich period of art-historical research.

  277 microfiche. $2,800 ISBN 0-907006-84-1
  Library Catalogue of the Department of Ethnography    

This comprehensive resource combines the catalogues of the British Museum Department of Ethnography and the Royal Anthropological Society. Of particular assistance to researchers is the Subject Index which cross-references material in very considerable depth, by geographical area and content. A Tribal Index with over 17,000 references places titles in their cultural context.


The separately available Periodicals Index comprises over 170,000 references to articles in over 1,000 periodicals from 1963 to 1989.

Subject and Tribal Indexes and Author Catalogue: 428 microfiche. $3,850
ISBN 0-907006-89-2

Periodicals Catalogue: 335 microfiche. $3,015
ISBN 0-907006-94-9


Special price for both sections: $5,840 ISBN 0-907006-99-X

  The Victoria & ALbert Museum Library subject catalogue    

The V.& A. houses the British National Art Library, the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of books, periodicals and exhibition catalogues on subjects related to the Arts. The Subject Catalogue to this great collection has never been published before and provides a unique bibliographical reference resource with over 1,500,000 entries. In four sections:


ISBN 1-900853-00-0

FINE ART & ARCHAEOLOGY: 123 microfiche. $770
ISBN 1-900853-05-1

APPLIED & MINOR ARTS: 93 microfiche. $700
ISBN 1-900853-10-8

BOOK ART: 49 microfiche. $350
ISBN 1-900853-15-9

  Index to the Tate gallery Archive    

The records of the artists and their associates collected in the Tate Gallery Archive are a resource of great richness and diversity. The documentation covers not only British artists, but 20th.C artists worldwide, and consists of personal letters, diaries, sketchbooks, photographs and press cuttings.


The microfiche reproduce the 26,000-card catalogue, over 2,000 photographs and lists of special collections. Published jointly with the Tate Gallery Archive.

  122 microfiche. $680 ISBN 0-907716-11-3
  Library catalogue: Institution of Mechanical Engineers    

One of the most comprehensive collections in its field, with over 150,000 volumes of current reference works and holdings dating from 1900; several in-depth subject collections have also been developed. Over 250,000 catalogue cards.



  335 microfiche. $1,965 ISBN 0-900853-60-4